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Immediate Boarding - London

London Calling? with Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, announced new London lockdown plan with tougher restrictions in the capital, taking your night flight and head to Heathrow is not a wise decision, in this case, we dedicate the last week of mind travel to London, bringing you our British products from our selection.get ready for immediate boarding, mate.
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Immediate Boarding - Tokyo

konnichiwa, after traveling to Europe, we are ready to head back to Asia, and our next stop is Tokyo. Japan has been known for their respect to tradition and culture, it attracts likeminded people from around the world to admire such appreciation to life and style. French and Hong Kong people are some well-known fans to the country, kapok as a representative of both is certainly one of them. this week, we bring Nippon highlights to you.
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Immediate boarding - Scandinavia

Hej, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain kapok speaking, welcome aboard flight KM205 with service from Hong Kong to Copenhagen via Stockholm. Hong Kong is 6 hours ahead of Copenhagen and the temperature in Copenhagen is clear and sunny, with a high of 18 degrees today. the journey will be about 18 hours and 30 minutes, with a 3-hour stopover at Arlanda, Stochkholm. thank you for choosing kapok airlines, i hope you enjoy the flight.
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Immediate Boarding - Paris

bonjour, all kapok passengers. this is the pre-boarding announcement for flight numbers SS08, KM205 and LM4567 from Hong Kong to Paris. we are now inviting all kapok VIPs and followers to begin boarding to their first class cabin at this time. please have your boarding pass and identification ready. this week, we mind-travel to our beloved city of lights. merci.
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Immediate Boarding - New York

IMMEDIATE BOARDING the entire kapok experience is based on travelling. our team keeps on exploring the world, looking for the most exciting new designers, the most surprising products from all around the world. we focus on the undiscovered, the hidden and we bring it all together in our stores and on this week, we mind-travel to the big apple and celebrate their exquisite products and small businesses.
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