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gentleness - finding calm in the chaos

kapok has the pleasure to share with you about our new theme and new pop-up corner for spring 2021. aptly titled “gentleness”, the thematic pop-up concept is about sharing and caring about one self. having survived 2020, we all need to take a deep breath, release, refresh, and reset - wind down before moving forward. “finding the calm in the chaos” is a mantra we all have to master, it is good for your mind, body and soul. #treatyourselfwell, it’s about gratitude. the gratitude one owes to oneself.
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kapok comfort - the heat pads that make you feel better.

kapok comfort our new range to fight stress and live well kapok is launching a series of products designed to improve wellbeing, create a sense of calm, confidence and inner strength. the first products we will release are a series of 3 organic heat pads to focus on 3 pain areas : the eyes, the neck and shoulders and the belly.
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