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the world of Manasi7

Manasi7, one of kapok's sustainable beauty brands, has been awarded as « beauty heroes 2021 ». founded by Susanne Manasi, who has more than 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and more than 6 years as a cosmetic product developer. after a period of intense work to create the brand she was missing, Manasi7 was born. selected natural, organic and inclusive beauty developed in Stockholm, made sustainably in small batches to ensure premium quality. a beauty evolution. she explained to us the brand concept and it's products.
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kapok elixirs - spring edition

"two years ago kapok started working on wellness and clean beauty concept «kapok elixirs» was born. since then, we have built a wonderfully sharp selection of clean and conscious beauty brands. many of our team members personally specialise in wellness and self care and share their experiences to allow us to build our expertise. and every year, our selection of sustainable and conscious brands keeps growing. our customers are also looking to change their lifestyle and minimise their impact on the planet and we are here to present to them well designed conscious brands." arnault castel explained about the development of kapok elixirs in recent interview. and the mission continues...
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CNY & Valentine's gift ideas

This year, we have double celebration in February as Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are so closely dated on 12 Feb & 14 Feb respectively. kapok, your favourite lifestyle and fashion concept store, is the ultimate destination for gifting and fun objects, alongside some homeware and wellbeing selections. Therefore, it comes natural for us to propose you the following fantastic gift ideas for the two very festive occasions.
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discover your new home fragrance

scented candles, incenses and room diffusers have long been very popular among our fans, and this season, Apotheke (Japan), Waks (Australia), Hæckels (U.K.) and Fazeek (Greece) are the latest options we have to answer the insatiable demands.
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Hæckels - seaweed skincare, made of Margate

kapok has long been a keen support on sustainability, our buyers source products with that in mind, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare department, kapok elixirs (aka the magic potion) has a mission to decode clean beauty. among many brands, Hæckels from Margate, U.K., is an intriguing yet successful example on this topic.
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