the NASA MARS 2020 MISSION targeted to explore Mars for all humanity on earth, the Perseverance Rover touched down in Jezero crater on Mars, with its missions to investigate signs of life, characterizing climate, collect geology data and cache samples on the red planet. ANICORN Watches teamed up with NASA and created the limited MARS MISSION Collection,once again, ANICORN shares such momentum reatil experience at kapok.
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LOVERAMICS pop-up at kapok

every month, we have different events and pop-ups take place in our stores, and august is no exception. Loveramics is an internationally recognised ceramics brand, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. they break the proverbial mould on pottery. shattering stereotypes on classical and formal approaches, through stylish contemporary designs where our passion is evident in every piece. Loveramics has pop-up at kapok sun street and k11 musea until 30 aug 2020.
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[ the comfort project ]

kapok always keeps the pop-up space on 5 st. francis yard refreshing and exciting. in times of stress and uncertainy, we bring you «the comfort project».
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