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crafted in hong kong pop-up at kapok pmq

since its opening kapok hong kong has taken pride over a strong emphasis in advocating to small creators and innovators in the creative industries, from local designers to artists that highlight the multitude of perspectives of the city that nurtures such works. from april 10 to may 30, kapok pmq presents a new pop-up, highlighting the best and brightest from hong kong. kapok pmq’s ‘crafted in hong kong’ seeks to support kapok’s initiative to support homegrown artists in creating the best selection of souvenirs for tourists
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tiny island pop-up at kapok sun street

“without hong kong, there’d be no kapok.” - said Arnault Castel, founder of kapok. with our debt of gratitude, kapok has long been a keen retail supporter to local brands, designers and artists, and oftentimes, we dedicate our space to collaborate and allow them to showcase creativity in their own way. Tiny Island designs and develops home interior objects and personal accessories that celebrate every aspect of Hong Kong culture and history. founded by Alexis Holm, originally from Sweden, who has lived in Hong Kong since 2009. Tiny Island’s aim is to channel a sense of pride, community and remembrance through the objects and prints it creates.
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gentleness - finding calm in the chaos

kapok has the pleasure to share with you about our new theme and new pop-up corner for spring 2021. aptly titled “gentleness”, the thematic pop-up concept is about sharing and caring about one self. having survived 2020, we all need to take a deep breath, release, refresh, and reset - wind down before moving forward. “finding the calm in the chaos” is a mantra we all have to master, it is good for your mind, body and soul. #treatyourselfwell, it’s about gratitude. the gratitude one owes to oneself.
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kapok comfort - the heat pads that make you feel better.

kapok comfort our new range to fight stress and live well kapok is launching a series of products designed to improve wellbeing, create a sense of calm, confidence and inner strength. the first products we will release are a series of 3 organic heat pads to focus on 3 pain areas : the eyes, the neck and shoulders and the belly.
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LOVERAMICS pop-up at kapok

every month, we have different events and pop-ups take place in our stores, and august is no exception. Loveramics is an internationally recognised ceramics brand, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. they break the proverbial mould on pottery. shattering stereotypes on classical and formal approaches, through stylish contemporary designs where our passion is evident in every piece. Loveramics has pop-up at kapok sun street and k11 musea until 30 aug 2020.
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[ the comfort project ]

kapok always keeps the pop-up space on 5 st. francis yard refreshing and exciting. in times of stress and uncertainy, we bring you «the comfort project».
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