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gentleness - finding calm in the chaos

kapok has the pleasure to share with you about our new theme and new pop-up corner for spring 2021. aptly titled “gentleness”, the thematic pop-up concept is about sharing and caring about one self. having survived 2020, we all need to take a deep breath, release, refresh, and reset - wind down before moving forward. “finding the calm in the chaos” is a mantra we all have to master, it is good for your mind, body and soul. #treatyourselfwell, it’s about gratitude. the gratitude one owes to oneself.
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discover your new home fragrance

scented candles, incenses and room diffusers have long been very popular among our fans, and this season, Apotheke (Japan), Waks (Australia), Hæckels (U.K.) and Fazeek (Greece) are the latest options we have to answer the insatiable demands.
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Hæckels - seaweed skincare, made of Margate

kapok has long been a keen support on sustainability, our buyers source products with that in mind, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare department, kapok elixirs (aka the magic potion) has a mission to decode clean beauty. among many brands, Hæckels from Margate, U.K., is an intriguing yet successful example on this topic.
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