final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

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Immediate Boarding - Paris


bonjour, all kapok passengers. this is the pre-boarding announcement for flight numbers SS08, KM205 and LM4567 from Hong Kong to Paris. we are now inviting all kapok VIPs and followers to begin boarding to their first class cabin at this time. please have your boarding pass and identification ready.  this week, we mind-travel to our beloved city of lights.  merci.

Béton Ciré

By far one of the star brands at kapok for many years.

founded by Amélie Le Roux, Béton Ciré draws its inspiration from the city, the sea and the journeys, and intends to brighten the head of every urban pirate who explores the city with a long-board, an oilskin on the shoulder, wandering along the canals and the shipyards with this authentic sailor hat from French Brittany.

Béton – meaning concrete in French – recalls the street and urban culture that inspires our head designer. Ciré – meaning waxed – is an ovation to Brittany’s fishermen and their distinctive yellow waxed raincoats.

Amélie Le-Roux, founder of Béton Ciré

all hand-made by traditional craftsmen in the south of France 

Amélie originally got the idea from her grandfather, who always sported a Miki. It  followed him through wind and storm, through city and sea. the Miki soon became the young Parisian brand’s iconic product. 

halfway between the cap and the beanie, unisex and timeless, the authentic hat is crafted by French hat makers. no visor, in case of strong wind, uncovered ears to pay close attention to the slightest noise of a wave.

carefully manufactured in France by expert headwear craftsmen, using only noble and authentic material to create a high end product. from season to season, Béton Ciré has added new hat and beanie designs to the collection, driven to become an influential player in the headwear field.

Anthology Paris

created by Anthony Knopfer in 2001, Anthology-Paris creates women’s shoes by revisiting the most classic models and turning them into unique and elegant must-haves, exposing the secret weapon in a French woman's wardrobe.

Anthology Paris's creations are designed in France, handmade in Portugal

Anthony Knopfer, founder of Anthology Paris

why do kapok women fall in love with Anthology Paris?  we have the answer.

the collections present footwear, bags and accessories all made of high-quality leather.  classics are reinvented with sober and elegant lines in strong pelts. using the most refined materials such as velvet and suede, styles are declined in various timeless colors. the products are designed in France, carefully manufactured in Portugal, Anthology-Paris shoes represents the European know-how: authentic, refined and sophisticated.  

from ankle boots to loafers, Anthology-Paris combines authenticity and French sophistication, offers trendy and timeless designs for every woman.

Alix D. Reynis

Alix D. Reynis grew up in a family where everyone loved to make everything themselves. after studies that promised her to a high lever career, she decided to dedicate herself to her true passion, sculpture, and created her eponymous brand in 2011.

Alix D. Reynis

from Marais to Hong Kong, our best-kept secret gold jeweler at kapok.

loving noble and demanding materials, Alix decided to create her pieces in Limoges porcelain for the house and in gold or vermeil for the jewelry. each piece comes from a model, drawn and then carved in plaster or wax in her studio located in the Marais district in Paris. Thanks to her timeless style, incomparable in its sophisticated details, Alix revisits everyday objects with finesse and elegance.

the year 2016 is marked by the opening of her first Parisian boutique and her association with Véronique Dejean Gabail, who, following her broad experiences at Elle Magazine and Elle Décoration and then at Maison Baccarat, is in charge of the development of the brand.

chic French women are rarely seen without gold jewelery, come discover her lovely creations.

Le Gramme

co-founded in 2013 by erwan le louër, who holds a master's degree in industrial design from the esdi 2008, a graduate school of industrial design, le gramme is the latest concept launched by the designer-entrepreneur.

after a first entrepreneurial experience in 2008, through the launch of the jem jewellery brand and at the same time in charge of the maison margiela jewellery license until 2011, le gramme becomes a new form of transmission of erwan le louër's passion for aesthetics and the central place of the object in his life. 

it's always chic-er to stack it up

Erwan le Louër, founder of Le Gramme

an elementary form, a noble material, an imprint and a finish, the objects le gramme embody the culmination of his creative vision.

le gramme is a brand of jewellery for men where each object is named by its weight in grams. the creations le gramme draw their strength from their minimal form, from an obviousness in repetition, from the free field they open by their capacity to accumulate in order to create their own language. 

le gramme's collections come from a creative process inspired by industrial design and are rationally thought: the shape emanates from a reflection in the absence of drawing, until fulfilling its function. then the object is realised.

Image Republic

antoine corbineau paris, 30x40 cm

Antoine Corbineau is a multidisciplinary french designer born in 1982, graduated with Honors from Camberwell College of Arts London (BA 2006) and Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (MA 2007).

his colourful and often strikingly complex works have already proved hugely popular with companies and organizations all over the world. using a rich range of mediums and techniques, Antoine creates beautifully busy patchworks of texture, imagery and creative typography. 

le duo archi Musée du Louvre, 30x40 cm

as its name suggests, this Parisian studio  "le duo" works with four hands. At the controls, Albéric and Léopoldine, both excelling in the art of flat design, a geometric, colourful, and minimalist style. Graduates of the Esag-Penninghen (Paris) and the Chelsea College of Art and Design (London), they now work for the advertising Industry and They collaborate with the magazine press. Their sources of inspiration are multiple, design and architecture, objects and iconic brands.

Histoires de Parfums

we cannot go to France without perfume shopping.

Gérald Ghislain wrote his own story with the frantic rhythm of a passionate jack of all trades. an epicurean, he tastes all of life’s savors, sprinkling his daily life with refined luxury.  he gives his all to his projects. insatiable wonderer, he listens, reads and discovers, drawing inspiration from his trips and encounters. Gerald is impulsive and fully committed to his projects.

Gerald founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 and created a collection of rare and delicate perfumes: these perfumes like him are rich in temperament and are so, so romantic!

Gérald Ghislain, founder of Histoire de Parfums

an olfactory library was created

the collection created by Gérald Ghislain is governed by no rules other than inspiration. 
 with his luxuriant imagination, this loquacious individual has chosen to bring his stories  to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium. 
Histoires de Parfums releases its fragrances in a Deluxe edition to be read on skin.

when he is creating his perfumes, Gérald interprets in a new way the classic olfactive families
by including an unexpected component, to obtain an original and surprising collection.
 an olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, mythical years, poems and music.

Féret Parfumeur

Féret Parfumeur was founded in 1865. for more than a century, it has been manufacturing two well-known apothecary products in France: the hyaline block, the first stone of alum in France, awarded at the World Fair in Paris in 1900 and Hyalomiel, a hyaline jelly for hands with Garrigue honey. 

Féret Parfumeur, 155 years of French beauty

Féret Parfumeur had its own shop in the Faubourg Poissonnière area. 

Hyalomiel was a popular skin care treatment with many uses. at the time, it was used by the whole family and valued for baby care.

Féret Frères had at its disposal a sales force of 150 people and owned several delivery and exhibition vehicles. Féret Frères enjoyed at that time a quasi monopoly on the distribution of branded cosmetic products in France.

in the 1970s, on the death of Mr Lucien Féret, mainstay of the distribution side at Féret Frères, contracts with the quality brands came to an end. Féret Parfumeur continued the production and the distribution of its own brands: Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel. in 1975, Mme Féret (Roger’s daughter) ran the company with her husband, Etienne Vannier then in charge of a large Cognac enterprise, and permanently established the distribution in pharmacies in France and to a lesser extent in the United States.

in 2012, Alexis Cabanne, one of the grandsons and very much attached to the brand, took up the family tradition. Féret is now benefitting from a new lease of life and a re-launch in the export market.

well-curated with beautiful package at an affordable price, we have the luck to bring you such historical French brand at kapok in Hong Kong!


the entire kapok experience is based on travelling. our team keeps on exploring the world, looking for the most exciting new designers, the most surprising products from all around the world. we focus on the undiscovered, the hidden and we bring it all together in our stores and on

so, just like you, we miss travelling. the rush of running to catch a plane, landing in a brand new city and getting lost in their small streets, just to find the most perfect small store or café.

we didn't stop hunting for new beautifully crafted products from faraway places and we keep introducing them to hong kong. for the end of the summer, we brought the travelling experience indoors with our "IMMEDIATE BOARDING" decoration and we will highlight a new city and the best they can offer every week.

so, get ready for boarding and fly to your nearest kapok store.

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