O.N.S FW2020 «Nocturnica»

the first modern living trilogy of the urban transplant is complete. from observing the city from above (Aerial Utility, FW19) to roaming through the city by day (Urban Trekker/Urban Excursion, SS20), our daring adventurer is now ready to explore the wonders of the city at night (Nocturnica, FW20). the new season merchandise is now available in-store and online.
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the NASA MARS 2020 MISSION targeted to explore Mars for all humanity on earth, the Perseverance Rover touched down in Jezero crater on Mars, with its missions to investigate signs of life, characterizing climate, collect geology data and cache samples on the red planet. ANICORN Watches teamed up with NASA and created the limited MARS MISSION Collection,once again, ANICORN shares such momentum reatil experience at kapok.
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