final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

kapok elixirs - spring edition

continue to decode clean beauty

"two years ago, kapok started working on wellness and clean beauty concept, and «kapok elixirs» was born.  since then, we have built a wonderfully sharp selection of clean and conscious beauty brands. many of our team members personally specialise in wellness and self care and share their experience with the entire kapok crew to allow us to build our expertise.  similarly, we genuinely learn about sustainability and environmental impact, and every year, our selection of sustainable and conscious brands keeps growing. our customers are also looking to change their lifestyle and minimise their impact on the planet and we are here to present to them well designed conscious brands." arnault castel explained the development of kapok elixirs in recent interview.

and the mission continues...

on the wild side

drunk with nature and simplicity.  organic cosmetics and 100% natural origin from the wild harvest.

a dialogue between philosopher Edgar Morin and artist Michelangelo Pistoletto was all it took to spark a desire in Anne-Sophie Nardy to create a new path for cosmetics. as she read that exchange between the two men in - Impliquonsnous (Actes Sud) - the beauty expert came to the realisation that  cosmetic care products needed a new face. on the wild side is more than just a skincare brand.

in the interest of skin itself, of course, but also for the sake of all things living – for Anne-Sophie firmly believes that the sum of individual initiatives is what can ultimately lead to changing the world and raising puclean blic awareness. this is why on the wild side offers a line of clean cosmetics with a cause. desirable and nurturing, the brand reconciles natural ingredients with hedonism. wild souls with refinement. simplicity with effectiveness. ethics with safety. transparency with the right price.

their beauty ritual focuses on 3 essential gestures: 

  1. cleaning with cleansing oil  
  2. moisturizing with day cream  
  3. regeneration with care oil 

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women have long been led to believe that only the most sophisticated skincare routines guaranteed results. on the wild side is promising something different, committing to plain yet effective simplicity by cutting back on and removing everything that seems unnecessary. no complex messaging nor polluting packaging. no marketing overkill nor lengthy routines. designed for all skin types, the products have been purposefully formulated with few yet high-quality ingredients.

terre de mars

terre de mars was inspired by the observation that mother nature is the richest source of beauty products. just as your body requires nourishment from healthy foods, you must also care for your skin with natural active ingredients, like coffee.  they draw inspiration from traditional wisdom and combine organic ingredients with modern techniques to create a novel line of effective treatments with unparalleled: “sensory richness”. ​

founded by Aexandre, Poulad and Salem,  in the sharing of a childhood memory, the simple coffee based beauty ritual of Poulad’s grandmother became the key to their business. fascinated by the power of natural ingredients, they discover the incredible virtues of coffee and caffeine extract for the skin. they decided to create luxury body and face scrubs with coffee and precious oils.  the world of luxury cosmetics is dominated by large companies who ignore the ecological impact of their products and do not value organic formulations. terre de mars is a new kind of brand; responding to the consumers desire for effective and elegant yet organic products while respecting a demand for ecological responsibility.  The first unisex brand of natural coffee-based care, offers luxury beauty products produced entirely in France, organic*certified , vegan and cruelty free.

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like modern apothecaries, their team of experts selects innovative yet pure ingredients for their benefits on the skin. they are continually working towards the perfect formula; maintaining a balance between effectiveness and the use of natural ingredients in order to achieve theier value:

  • softness - with soothing formulas
  • sincerity - raw ingredients without chemicals
  • pleasure - absolute relaxation with natural scents and voluptuous textures

wonder valley

founded by husband and wife team, Alison and Jay Carroll. Jay is an artist and creative director with experience in branding, fashion, interiors and editorial. Alison has a background of working for the California Olive Oil Council, where she was responsible for quality control for the state of California by overseeing a professional taste panel and acting as an educator and advocate for this growing domestic agriculture industry.  

at wonder valley, they choose the good life, and olive oil is at the heart of it.  

they produce an extraordinary extra virgin California olive oil, which elevates every meal through its bright, herbaceous, peppery flavor.  this olive oil is used as a hero ingredient in their unisex skincare collection, an ancient and beloved beauty staple. they believe in the holistic power of olive oil as a universal life-enriching ingredient and the true fountain of youth; a cornerstone of a healthful diet and the key to radiant skin. 

this led them to start wonder valley. they saw olive oil as the perfect cornerstone; it's elemental, timeless, and a universal common denominator. great olive oil has the power to elevate everyday life and they believe it's the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. finding grandeur in simplified living, they took a page from their role models, the nearings, the California high desert;  prioritizing health and creative growth and finding a balance of studio work and manual labor, stripping back the excess but finding decadence in our home cooked meals and daily rituals.  

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from wonder valley to you, their olive oil is hand-harvested and expertly milled from the groves in Northern California. wonder valley olive oil has become the foundation of their desert lifestyle, enriching their recipes and nourishing your skin.  wonder valley is now for you too, and your far out home.     

le rouge français

introducing plant-based makeupology from France.

Élodie, who created le rouge français, is a biotechnology engineer with a love of entrepreneurship and art history. she started creating her cosmetics brand in October 2018 after 18 months of R&D.

« when I was pregnant I wanted to keep wearing lipstick, as it is a daily source of strength and glamour for me. I am just as exacting about what I put on my skin as I am about what I eat, so I started to look into the formulations of my favourite makeup essentials. I don’t need to tell you what I found – many other women have found the same thing. Without compromising on my health and especially the health of my child, I started to design my own lipsticks with the purest ingredients possible.»

- Élodie

as the winner of the Cosmebio Cosm’Ethique 2019 competition, le rouge français is proud to position ourselves as a profoundly alternative and innovative brand by developing a comprehensive range of makeup (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, blusher, pressed powder and nail varnish) using pigments derived from plants. dyer’s madder, achiote, red radish, elderberry, alkanet, hibiscus, sweet potato, purple corn, tomato lycopene … are all sources of inspiration, and their specific grinding, extracting and infusing techniques help them reveal their natural, original colours. 

they also boast extraordinary biological properties to nourish, hydrate, repair and protect the skin. le rouge français is forging a path towards a new natural, responsible and sustainable cosmetics paradigm with partners and suppliers who are highly specialized in plant sourcing. They all come from certified, ethical, sustainable sectors and adhere to three fundamental criteria: organic, environmental (respecting biodiversity) and socially responsible (fair trade). they guarantee these values by working with the French family-run company Guayapi, who have been pioneers in the field since 1990. 

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this scientific pursuit is also and above all a profoundly human endeavour, working with communities in the Amazon and Sri Lanka, who invite them to discover and cultivate local ingredients and plants with beneficial and protecting health qualities that have been used since the dawn of time, using their own artisanal techniques.

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