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Brooch Tosca
Brooch Tosca

Monsieur Butterfly

Brooch Tosca

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The Tosca is a brooch handmade in Paris (France), showcasing the Cethosia Biblis butterfly mounted on an Egyptian cotton necklace.

Approximate dimensions

Height: 5 cm
Width: 7 cm


Cethosia Biblis in a few words

It belongs to the largest family of day butterflies, the Nymphalidae, which groups together species of medium size but often very colourful! Within this family, there are specimens known to all: the Monarch, famous for its migratory flights in North America, the iridescent blue Morpho, or the Azure Sylvain present in the French forests.

The female Cethosia Biblis lays her eggs on the vines of Passiflora, a plant containing powerful toxins. The caterpillar feeds on them, becoming poisonous itself until it reaches the butterfly stage. The bright colours of its wings will warn off all its possible predators!

They also have intricate lace-like patterns on their forewings. Local people call it "red lacewings". On closer inspection, others may see terrifying masks, making this butterfly unique.

Where does Cethosia Biblis live?

Cethosia Biblis can be found in Southeast Asia, from India to Indonesia.

As our pieces use real butterflies, the dimensions mentioned can only be indicative, although we select butterflies as close as possible to these dimensions.