Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle
Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle
Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle
Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle
Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle
Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle

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Chers Parisiens Candlelight-Majorelle

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Fig & Spice

Let's enter the world of the Parisian artist and designer who was inspired by the magic of Majorelle, with its lush vegetation, sparkling colours and warm, shining sun.

Its intoxicating fragrance is composed of Bergamot and Ginger in the top notes, Fig in the middle note, and Patchouli and Sandalwood in the base note. This fragrance was created by a nose in Grasse who wanted to bring back the intensity and fragility of creation and artistic genius.

The pot in porcelain and or is a creation of the artist illustrator Jean-Michel Tixier, and is part of the collection "Chers Parisiens", which celebrates the Parisian artists who made Paris what it is today. This pot is obviously to be kept afterwards and refillable.

advise and precausions of use

No. 1 Burning time
Burn your scented candle for 2 hours, until the scent has diffused well and the entire top surface has liquefied. Otherwise, your candle may become hollow and you will lose burning time. The larger the room, the longer the burning time.

No. 2 Cutting the wick
Re-cut the wick before each use: firstly, to avoid soot and a high flame; secondly, because it tends to bend at the sides due to the heat. If you light it again without cutting it off, one side of the candle will burn faster than the other. This will not look good and again you will lose burning time.

No. 3 Smothering the flame
Smother the flame of your scented candle rather than blowing it out: it will give off less black smoke and soot. You can use the small porcelain wand without burning yourself!

No. 4 Refocusing the wick
Once you have smothered your candle, refocus the wick.

No. 5 - Porcelain
For the maintenance of the porcelain, it is possible that with a long duration of burning, and blowing, soot settles on the edge of the porcelain. Don't panic, you can remove it gently with a small damp cloth.


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Protect the surface where you burn the candle with a heat-resistant support
  • Burn candles out of reach of children and animals
  • Always leave 7 cm between lit candles
  • Never light candles near flammable objects
  • Avoid putting candles in a draught
  • Cut the wick to about 1 cm before each use
  • Ventilate the room after each use
  • Wait for the porcelain to cool after extinguishing the candle before handling it