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Officine Générale%2C made by a truly elegant gent

What is parisien(NE) style?

elegant, nonchalant, the formidable "chic", and of course, the mysterious "je ne sais quoi" (begin with that "pfff"...), but when talk about Parisian men's style specifically, there's another phrase we'd add - classic, but definitely not basic.

the idea of frenchmen style is a national myth: first, it got nothing to do with "fashion", and surely definitely hype about it, to say the least.  second, it's about a classic wardrobe filled with stable pieces that are made with high quality craftsmanship, tailoring, cut and fit details, but never boring.  oftentimes, they are day-to-day wearable garment for different occasions that can go beyond trend and last for years.

it sounds rather boring? absolutely not.

in order to wear it well, it depends on the wearer's charisma, attitude, gesture and personal style. when one nails it, it's otherworldly, but it's never perfect; perfection is mundane.  at the end, the chic-er it gets, the more unselfconscious it has to be.  

sounds like a very tough task to master.  therefore, what really matters is exactly what you choose to wear within this framework - the selection based on your style.  kapok supports a few young menswear brands that reinterpret a modern french wardrobe.

Officine Générale is one of them.

Officine Générale is an attitude, proportions, details. The product is current because the pocket is enlarged, the collar accentuated, the shoulder enlarged. It is not a fixed, clean look, with simplicity.

Pierre Mahéo, founder of Officine Générale

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when quality is the heart of the brand

the Officine Générale story is a sweet and yet very righteous one.

having worked with Parisian tailor Michel Barnes where he learned about good fabrics, designer Pierre Mahéo worked for other french menswear brands.  when he visited factories in China, he was shocked by the working condition there and decided this is not a "fair trade" or ethical at all, he decided to quit his job and thin about launching his own label. 

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Founded in 2012, Officine Générale was born with a heart of gold. right from the beginning.  

"My credo since day one is quality. I am ethical in my choices, I work with fabrics from good houses (English, Italian and Japanese) and manufacturers from a tight Europe - Italy, Portugal and England. I take care not to use marketing or logos which are the misery of our time. They are affixed to mediocre fabrics, sewn anyhow into articles that will find shoppers only for the signs of recognition. By making this choice, I realized that the road would be longer for Officine Générale. But, certainly, more lasting." Mahéo told Le Figaro in 2018.

His frustration and ambition urged him to create his own label, with a commitment to always focus on quality fabric, reasonable price point and ethical business practices. his heart of gold opens his road to success in the menswear world today, and kapok supports him wholeheartedly. 

I remember my father wearing faded chinos in olive and khaki tones. They are amazing colours to wear. 

Pierre Mahéo, founder of Officine Générale

who's his fashion hero?

Pierre Mahéo's papis: one grandfather was a tailor who never leave the house without an impeccably tailored suit, while the other was an oyster catcher  who felt right at home in chinos, striped cotton shirts and weather-proof coats.  

once you got the backdrop setting with sea and countryside in mind, these "papi wardrobes" tell an authentic frenchmen dressing story, and became Mahéo's design inspiration to create these stable pieces, and later best-selling items too.

My goal is to reinvent the navy blue jacket from one season to the next.

Pierre Mahéo, founder of Officine Générale

Officine Générale 

spring-summer 2020

spring-summer 2020

trend, logo, hype are all overrated forbidden words here.

Officine Générale brings about a modern french wardrobe with his signature building blocks  light, casual tailoring such as double-breasted jackets, slightly boxy suits; pants cut comfortably; classic shirt and print version with summer motifs (bandana, checks, stripes, palm leaves), all applied with moderation. 

it doesn't scream FASHION, but it whispers taste, chicness, elegance, charm and your personal style, all made with high quality and at a fair price.

“It’s not about being the least expensive, it’s about being the most right, considering the quality you offer.”

Pierre Mahéo, founder of Officine Générale

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