Blendjet Product Recall! | details

Blendjet Recall! | details

Blendjet Product Recall! | details

Blendjet Product Recall! | details

Blendjet Product Recall! | details

Blendjet Product Recall! | details

kapok x FIP ‘The Female Edit’ pop up at kapok victoria park

“i am looking for designers with a vision, a direction and a strong point of view. if they're too influenced by other brands or trends, it will be difficult for them to find a home at kapok. also, i need to see if they don't have unrealistic expectations : we are here to help but we don't replace the work the designer has to do to establish their work and promote their vision.” – said Arnault Castel, founder of kapok.   

“i look for creative talent who have passion, a clear vision, and a smart goal to work on their own brand and understand their own strengths and weaknesses and humble enough to learn.” – said Kennis Chan, director of FIP.

kapok is proud to announce the debut collaboration with The Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP). we have a knack for spotting home-grown talents, to support and promote some of the most exciting design names from Hong Kong, hence hand-picked three “design by women for women” fashion, accessories and jewellery brands – Cafuné, KKLUE and Matter Matters to curate a pop up at kapok victoria park.

Cafuné is a modern accessories brand with a strong attention to construction and details. Co-founded by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau, who both share the same values and are devoted to celebrating the materials and craftsmanship that go behind every product. As such, they launched the first sustainable capsule, the Conscious Collection for Spring Summer 2021. The leather used in this collection is made by a Gold-rated Italian tannery that specialises in sustainable leather with minimal impact to the environment. All the leather goods in this collection are lined with recycled polyester. In terms of silhouette, the Stance collection is an elegant handbag with a C-clasp that comes in two sizes, while the tote bag is embossed with C-lock pattern, a modern take on the classic everyday bag. Decorate the bags in myriad ways with patterned silk scarves to complete a modern and versatile look.

Born from the desire to reimagine what it means to be a modern jewellery brand, KKLUE is founded by Kellyn Zhou, who approaches the everyday luxury with a distinct point of view.  Her delicate jewellery is made in 18k gold, some adorned with precious stones and diamonds but often come in a classic chain. With a motto of “We Shine Together”, both literally and figuratively, because KKLUE is guided by the philosophy ‘Empowering Her Vision & Voice’, and encourages women to express themselves, celebrate their individuality, follow their curiosity and showcase their sparkle. For example, the “Unlock” collection offers personalisation – choose an initial/ alphabet and emboss on the lock pendant. The “Shine” collection offers different chain style necklaces, maximize your shine by layering them up!

Founded by designer Flora Leung, Matter Matters is a Hong Kong-based fashion & lifestyle brand that celebrates art, graphic design and fashion. Inspired by the Art Deco and Bauhaus movements, Matter Matters pieces are born from an intellectual pursuit of timeless design and a spirit of playful celebration. The kapok’s selection is the epitome of the brand’s design philosophy:  tongue-in-cheek slogan T-shirts such as “I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares”.  Accessorised with gold-plated and enamel “hashtags”, “comas” fashion jewellery to add a touch of humour. And finally, pair with boyish cut trousers for a statement look with a carefree attitude.

Q&A with Arnault and Kennis: 

1. what do you see in the 3 women designers (Cafune, Matter Matters, KKLUE) who are selected particularly for this collaboration? 

Arnault: i see 3 brands with very identifiable aesthetics. they are bringing something new to the world of accessories. i can see their products can connect with customers and get them excited, without copying what's already existing.

Kennis: i can see their passion and goal, and they are very independent and have clear thoughts while they are working for their brands. for Cafuné, they have great potential as we can see in their efforts to build up the community within those girls who appreciated their sense of aesthetics. for Matter Matters, Flora created her artistic niche and created an interesting brand image in presentation; for KKLUE, designer Kellyn has a very well sense in her eCommerce business development, especially in mainland China.   

2. what are your advices to aspiring creatives? 

Arnault: if i were to start a brand now, i would skip the usual process to design seasonal collections and join fashion weeks. i think it's good to focus on working online and on social media first, with small quantities. and when they feel ready they can approach retailers they respect to get feedback and get stocked. this slow organic growth process seems more sustainable. and i wouldn't look for investors until they're quite sizable so that they can develop their voice without too much pressure. 

Kennis: Stay true to yourself and don’t stick to the status quo. 

3. How do you nurture an emerging creative? 

Arnault: give them a chance to show next to more mature, strong brands. share the support on all our platforms, in store online and on social media. and also sometimes being demanding and saying no, to really push them to deliver stronger work. 

Kennis: listen to their thoughts and needs, and provide certain advice that can guide them to create/ find the right solutions.

kapok x FIP ‘The Female Edit’ pop up 

20 may – 19 june, 2021 

 kapok victoria park 

shop a, g/f, 2-4 kingston road, causeway bay


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