final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

final sale | last chance to enjoy over 60% discount

kapok celebrates female creatives

in recent seasons, without a deliberated idea behind, kapok has been bringing more and more brands that are founded by female designers to hong kong.  this outcome was made by our intuitive buyers who truly admire the designs, rather unconsciously, kapok became the cheerleader to these young businesses, and to celebrate and nurture many new generation of female creatives. 


Juliette Swildens grew up in a deeply creative family and is passionate about fashion. Her love of fashion led her to create her own brand in 2006.

influences from the 70s, 80s and 90s have come to nourish her designs and fashion culture. Swildens’ identity is at once bohemian and chic, rock and classic - all tinted with natural materials, refined colours and feminine cuts.

in each collection, the brand surprises with its mix of feminine and vintage styles, all associated with the classic features of menswear and chic Parisian style. 



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Juliette loves clothes with beautiful details that stand the test of time. the materials she chooses are always soft and comfortable.  the exclusive prints are a huge success every season. certain pieces have become iconic at Swildens: the overall, the man’s shirt, the smoking and the bohemian skirt give a look that is both casual and sophisticated.

alexa chung

this is our 2nd season to have Alexa Chung at kapok. the 4 year-old British IT girl label was very well-received in AW2019.   

at the heart of the brand, Alexa’s vision: to create clothes that people want to wear. combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, as well as the very British sense of humour, it is inspired by everything from Jane Birkin’s insouciance to David Hockney’s stripy sweater.

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Alexa Chung prides itself on its unique approach to making clothes, combining distinctive fabrics and prints with classic tailoring alongside more feminine designs. the result is a carefully considered, alluring combination of prim, racy and rock ‘n’ roll, where frivolous party pieces interact with grown-up tailoring and classic silhouettes.


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an important new addition to kapok, Roseanna is a French ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes brand based in Paris. 

under the creative direction of its founder, Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, the collections evolve constantly towards a complete wardrobe which symbolises a free universe, without constraint and rooted in the present. 

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each collection is a tribute to a city, a woman, an artist, a film. the richness of the colours, the materials, the blends naturally arise from the multiple inspirations of the designer. these collections are aimed at a woman looking for a stylish, easy and colourful wardrobe. 

aesther ekme

Aesther Ekme, founded in 2016 in Copenhagen by Stephane Park, is a leather goods label with a focus on purified and sculptural aesthetics.

the idea of 'functional beauty' is carried through each collection, which takes classic shapes and pushes their boundaries to achieve both lightness and strength, purpose and sensibility.

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growing up in Brazil to Korean parents, Stephane says that the many cultures she’s lived in throughout her life greatly inform her work. “i’m heavily inspired by Brazilian architecture of the 70s, as well as brutalism in general” she notes. She left Sao Paolo at 18 to study fashion design at Parsons in New York City, then going on to work for Alexander Wang in accessories.

tammy & benjamin

what would happen when Hong Kong meets France ? a new star handbag brand is born!  

cultivating its own vision of handbag design in its Paris atelier since 2013, Tammy & Benjamin has been creating contemporary and timeless luxury leather goods, signed by its distinctive balance between vintage soul and pure lines.

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each piece is designed and developed in Paris, France. with leather carefully selected in Italy, the manufacturing is entrusted to ateliers known for their exceptional craftsmanships in Florence Italy, Alicante Spain and Istanbul Turkey.

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