final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off

final sale | selected items up to 60% off



Discover the newest ritual from kapok comforts, enhancing your wellbeing, while elevating your space.  

Our incense ritual balances between self-discovery and grounding connection. Enjoy your very own relaxation journey at home, with our handmade aroma sticks and bespoke incense holder. 

From the Island of Awaji, Japan, comes many scents and untold stories. Each handcrafted incense stick becomes a unique journey. Allow the gentle fragrances to wash over your surroundings, creating an atmosphere of calmness.


Function meets aesthetics. A decorative piece when unused.  

Take the liberty to explore the depths of kapok comforts scents, coupling made easy with our 5 incense stick holes design. Designed to mimic a catchall tray, our incense holder catches ashes from a 360 curved tray, making sure no ash will fall out of the plate, while simultaneously keeping you grounded in the center.  

Design and size: 

  • 3 marble: Black Marquina, Ash Wood, Indian Green Marble 
  • 5 central incense stick holes (multiple burning sessions)  
  • 15 x 12 x 2.5cm               

The incense stick holes are also being made big enough where the unfinished incense stick will not be stuck in it, making it easy to empty it out.   

 Customers are encouraged to pair and burn at the same time two different incenses to create a unique and complex scent for they space.


Handcrafted incense sticks from the Island of Awaji in Japan. Each scent is a 30-minute story waiting to wash over you. 80 sticks per box.  

Directions and Precautions:  

  • Light the stick at the end with a match, candle or lighter.  
  • Blow or fan out the flame.  
  • Put the stick in an incense burner or sand.   
  • Do not leave burning unattended. Always keep away from children and animals.   
  • Do not use it in flammable environments.  
  • Make sure to light incense in a ventilated space. open windows. 

Childhood Garden

scent: fresh flowers 

Remember moments of sweetness visiting gardens of blooming flora, and the naturally honeyed air around you. As the delicate bouquets wash over you, reminisce about the carefree days of smelling fresh flowers in a sun-kissed garden.  

Rainy Field 

scent: oriental herbs & Japanese sake Take a mystical journey into the grounds of Earth, surrounded by aromas of nature. Allow subtle scents of Oriental Herbs and Japanese Sake to sing you a song of nature like tranquil rain drops. Let the sensible earth embrace you with fragrant notes of Sandalwood.


Full Moon Lake 

scent: tuberose & sandalwood 

We watch in awe as the goddess dances gently to the rhythm of the lake. Her innocence and her elegance ripples harmoniously in the aromas of Tuberose. A flicker of beauty forever stamped in the memories of Sandalwood.  

Winter Morning  

scent: warm tea & sandalwood 

The final moments of autumn closes as the fleeting, misty breaths manifest. Aromas of Warm Tea, blended with earthy Sandalwood enriches the air as a cleansing ritual for the upcoming solstice. A gentle greeting reaches out on the cold dewy mornings.   

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