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What Are The Most Popular Christmas Decorations For 2022

If you are still confused about what makes your Christmas perfect, other than the sumptuous Christmas dinner, beautiful gifts and big family parties. Christmas decorations can also make you feel more involved in the celebration of this big festival. This article will introduce some of the most popular Christmas decorations and give you some ideas for making your home more festive. 

Most Christmas decoration ideas are influenced by traditional Christmas elements and patterns. Some concept words such as Santa, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Angel, Candy Stick, Stars, reindeer, Gingerbread etc, make the popular Christmas decorations involving some warm color tone like Santa's red and green or gold colors. You may consider the following popular Christmas decoration ideas.

  • Candles 
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas tree
  • Garlands
  • Roping
  • Swags
  • Ribbons
  • Stockings
  • Holiday Figures
  • Poinsettias
  • Wreaths
  • Christmas Tableware 
  • String Lights
  • DIY Decorations
  • Advent Calendar

Christmas Candles

Candles create the perfect atmosphere for the Christmas season. It is believed that the Christmas candle represents the star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi to the manger where baby Jesus was born. There are some scented candles that are made for Christmas. 

becandle | christmas candle | kapok“Toasted Pumpkin”Olga Goose Candle | kapok

Decorate your space with Christmas candles

It can be put together with shaped unscented candles, novelty candles and scented candles. The candles are perfect to be placed in common areas such as the tea table with a candle ring in your living room, or dining table. Or it can also be placed in the bedroom to create a warm atmosphere.  With the BeCandle “Tangerine Cinnamon”, it is a Hong Kong local hand-made candle brand with the special Xmas edition that gives out a spicy, roast and sweet scent of cinnamon which can bring the joy of the festival to your room. The “Toasted Pumpkin” from the Brooklyn Candle Studio is also a festival-scented candle that cozifies your place with the toasted pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom notes. For someone who is looking for novelty candles, the Olga Goose Candle from Japan is famous for crafting playful candles having different characters to amuse your every Christmas party. 


Before buying a Christmas tree, you might already be wondering what to put on a plain Christmas tree to make it colourful. Although the traditional meaning of putting ornaments on a Christmas tree is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. From time to time, it is more popular to put ornaments on the Christmas tree as decoration. Both traditional ornaments like snowflakes, balls, and stars to modern ornaments like heart shapes or other hand-blown ornaments to let your Xmas tree become precious. 

Vitra ornaments - rabbit | kapok

Tips to decorate your Christmas tree

Ornaments make your Christmas tree perfect, so it is important to choose the right ornaments. It is suggested to be mixed with different sizes, and colors of ornaments to make it diverse. Selecting some silver or gold color combined with red or white ornaments can keep continuity and stylish. The Vitra “Girard Ornaments” keep traditional motifs and use a modern brass-effects finish to combine the traditional and future aesthetics.

Christmas tree 

It is not a perfect Christmas without a Christmas tree at home, no matter the size of the tree. Families usually buy an evergreen tree at home and decorate it with ornaments like jingle bells, presents and lights. Nowadays, other than the traditional Christian definition for putting a Christmas tree in a family, they enjoy their family time more by preparing a colorful Christmas tree with the kids together.


How to decorate a colourful Christmas tree

It is important to choose the correct size of Christmas tree by the size of the living room. It is suggested to put the Christmas tree in the living room or the corner of the bedroom as the line lights create a warm feeling. However, It is also important to put different size presents under the Christmas tree to perfect your tree and let it stand firm and upright. Don’t forget to hydrate the tree leaves to confirm it is in great look!


A Christmas garland can instantly change the look of your room or front door. Many artificial garlands also look very realistic. As you might also consider garlands made from real greenery, it is expected to pay higher and not be as cost-effective as the artificial ones because they can be reused. 

Ways to decorate your room with Christmas garlands

There are a few ways to decorate your space with garlands. It is suggested to hang the ring-designed garland on the front door and it can also be placed around the stairs. It will be more festive to add a light string on it to have a better showcase at night. 


Christmas roping is one of the decorations that can be used with garlands. The ropes are a great idea to embellish your garlands since there are various rope designs and colours and they can create different styles of decorations by pairing them with other ornaments.

How to decorate the garland with roping

It can tie with the green garlands together and placed around the fireplace, or draped around the stairs. Using golden rope may be more traditional and festive as using the original color rope paired with shell can create a completely different nautical look. Furthermore, roping also can be used on Christmas tree decorations, you might consider using beaded roping on the Christmas tree too.


You may consider buying Christmas swags if you cannot decide between buying garlands or wreaths. Because it combined the features of both. Christmas Swags are usually shaped long and made from artificial or living greenery like fir or spruce, with a tied ribbon. The swag also can be used with the wireless string light to light them on, like the garland. 

Where to place Christmas swags

It is also a good idea to use swag on an end wall or above the fireplace. It can also create a good look if you hook it on a big front door. However, it is also popular to spruce up the mailbox to let your neighbours know this great festival is coming.


Ribbon is an important embellishment for your Christmas decorations. As people love to use ribbons when there is a big holiday because it symbolises peace and solidarity. Nowadays there are varieties of festive ribbons, from materials to colors for you to match with your decor. For Christmas, it usually uses red or gold color ribbons as it is the symbolic colors of Christmas. 

Tying a ribbon for Christmas decoration

It is a great choice to tie a ribbon bow on your garland and hang it on the door. It is also suggested to have one on your Christmas tree that will look perfect and match with other Christmas ornaments. You can also put one on the wreath.


The Christmas stockings are the long socks traditionally for every child to wait for Santa to give the presents to them on Christmas Eve. So it is very interesting that every parent will tell their children to become well-behaved and Santa will send them presents.

Where to place the Christmas stockings

The Christmas stockings are usually hung beside the fireplace. In traditions, people will hang red or green colored stockings, but there is more variety in stocking patterns nowadays such as stripes stockings, wool knitted stockings will have the children’s names on them. You may also hang the stockings on the children’s bedside. 

Holiday Figures

The famous figure of Christmas, Santa Claus should be one of them. As the children are celebrating Christmas because of Santa, they will get presents from him by riding his reindeer. So it is common that families will put a Santa Claus figure in their home. Another important Christmas figure is Jesus Christ. For Christians, Christmas is the day that Jesus was born and to celebrate the day, it is also easy to see that some Christian families will put the “scene of Jesus born the manger” in their home to bear in mind the real meaning of Christmas.

Where to put these holiday figures

It is common to put these holiday figures in some iconic positions in the house such as on the coffee table or above the mantel, and it is a good way for everyone to think about what they are celebrating.

Poinsettia is a signature flower that can represent the holiday. You may be able to see red poinsettia everywhere. And it is actually having other colours like white and pink, and usually covers the pot with green, red or gold foil paper. This flower is said to be the flower of Christmas because the shape of poinsettias and the leaf is sometimes considered the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which leads wise men to Jesus. The red leaves symbolise the blood of Christ and the white leaves represent his purity.


Where to place poinsettias

You can put 1-2 pots in the living room, or beside the fireplace. It is also suggested to group the poinsettias and put them under the Christmas tree. You may hang 1 or 2 poinsettias on the door as greetings.


The wreath is a popular Christmas decoration because it is like welcoming and expressing merry Christmas to your guests. They are usually decorated with ornaments like bells, and poinsettias, and have a ribbon bow on them. 

Where to place the wreaths
The most common place for putting the wreath is the front door, people usually put different sizes of wreaths on their windows or doors and you may also place the wreath on the table with the Christmas candles. 


Christmas Tableware

Some families may use tableware such as plates, napkins and tablecloths that are full of Christmas mood. Christmas tableware usually uses a red colour or some Christmas symbol printed on the plate such as Christmas trees or Santa. 

How to decorate with Christmas tableware

It is simple to buy the complete set of tableware to keep the completeness of the Christmas dinner table if you are going to become the host of the Christmas parties.


String Lights
The string light is a must-have Christmas decoration to make everything bright. It comes with different colors of lights, and it is worth spending on it because it can be used on other occasions. Buying led string lights also can help you to save on energy. 


Tips on string lights decoration

The first thing you may need to think about is the colors of the string light, single colors make warmer lighting and multi-colour create a colorful look. Second, you may use long-length string lights to string on Christmas trees, a staircase, or the wall outside your house. So, you may consider purchasing led light bulbs to save energy. 


DIY Decorations

If the common Christmas decoration is not special enough for you, DIY your Christmas decorations are fit for people who have a tight budget for buying Christmas decorations. It looks more creative and precious since you make it by yourself. 

How to decorate your space with DIY decorations

You may put your handmade decorations like Christmas Village paper houses or glass lanterns on a corner in the living room to let all your friends appreciate them. 

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is an interesting way to countdown the days until the Christmas holiday. The traditional advent calendar has images, bible verses and candy inside the little door. Besides the traditional advent calendar, some luxury brands and perfume makers will establish their own advent calendar and there are cosmetics or perfume samples instead of candies and bible verses in the calendar. 

bon parfumer - advent calender | kapok

Where to put the advent calendar

It is great to put it on the shelf and open the mini door every day. The French perfume maker Bon Parfumeur established its advent calendar that included the whole collection of its signature perfume, which is a perfect gift for yourself and your friends if you are interested to discover their perfumes.
H2: Best place to buy Christmas decoration

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