Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Diffuser - 200ml
Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Diffuser - 200ml

Olfaction N'

Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Diffuser - 200ml

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When you relax, it's like stepping into a tank full of blackcurrants, and the aroma rises from the bottom of your feet. Imagine yourself planted in this special soil, the grass at your feet, the orange trees on the distant hills, the apple trees, even the jasmines on the side of the road, all leaning over and breathing deeply together, sucking the spirit of Dijon into the tank. And the sweet, dried caramel smell of the earth reminds you that you are treading on the ancient roads of Dijon. The smell of the complex layers of ancient history incarnates such simple, yet intoxicating moments of pleasure. So you know you deserve to be loved.


Dijon Cassis Diffuser:

Top notes: orange, green, black currant, fruity

Medium: Raspberry, blackcurrant, apple, jasmine

Base note: vanilla, musk, caramel


How to use: Insert the scented vine branches into the fragrance bottle and place it in a position with air circulation to let the fragrance release naturally.