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010 Red Francais Refill
010 Red Francais Refill
010 Red Francais Refill
010 Red Francais Refill

Le Rouge Francais

010 Red Francais Refill

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The signature red by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS:
A subtle blend of shades ranging from red grape to rich burgundy, with notes of morello cherry and raspberry seeds. A lightweight texture that feels like a second skin for a luminous, satin finish.

The finish varies depending on the number of layers applied:

  • a ‘just-bitten’ look with a single layer
  • an ‘intense cherry pink’ by applying several layers

Singular . Elegant . Sophisticated

The roots of Rubia tinctorum, or dyer’s madder, produce a vibrant red pigment. This age-old plant from the Charente-Maritime region of western France has been used since ancient times as a highly prized dye for dresses, wall hangings and French tapestries. As well as its dying qualities, the pigment is rich in active ingredients known for their biological properties.

  • Shea butter: repairing and conditioning*
  • Jojoba, apricot, sunflower and castor oil: hydrating* and antioxidant qualities
  • Plant-based rice bran, candelilla and carnauba waxes: softening and protecting*

The power of plant-based pigments produces a colour that adapts to the natural tone and pH level of your lips. For a more intense shade, simply layer up the colour.