Lipstick 031 Nude Wantura
Lipstick 031 Nude Wantura

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Lipstick 031 Nude Wantura

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Suffuse your lips with the golden light of mythical El Dorado. Give in to fantasy with the caramel shades of sandy, deserted shores, laced with a hint of violet to evoke the bitter chill of the Altiplano high plateau.
A sun-drenched lipstick with a smooth, silky texture.

Secretive . Dreamy . Emotional

Achiote – Bixa orellana – is called Wantura in Quechua and is sacred to the peoples of the Amazon. Known as the “eternal shrub” that lines the path to heaven, it is used for body paint and to dye wickerwork.
It is used to reduce oxidative stress and can be found in the traditional Mexican drink Tascalate.

  • Shea butter: repairing and nourishing*
  • Jojoba, apricot, sunflower and castor oil: hydrating* and antioxidant qualities
  • Plant-based rice bran, candelilla and carnauba waxes: softening and protecting*

The power of plant-based pigments produces a colour that adapts to the natural tone and pH level of your lips. For a more intense shade, simply layer up the colour.