Lipstick 020 Brown Hanahasu
Lipstick 020 Brown Hanahasu

Le Rouge Francais

Lipstick 020 Brown Hanahasu

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Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun and its gardens lined with ancient maple trees. Adorn yourself with its iconic shades of maroon and red-tinted browns, interspersed with subtle notes of deep purple.

A velvety texture for an enigmatic, sophisticated finish.

Fearless . Dynamic . Tenacious

Sacred lotus – Nelumbo nucifera – is revered throughout East Asia as a symbol of a pure heart and mind. It has been used in Japan since the 9th century to create the deep, vivid colours of the jūnihitoe, the ceremonial dress worn by the women of the Imperial Court. In Korea, dried lotus petals are used to make a soothing detox tea called yeonkkot-cha.

  • Shea butter: repairing and nourishing*
  • Jojoba, apricot, sunflower and castor oil: hydrating* and antioxidant qualities
  • Plant-based rice bran, candelilla and carnauba waxes: softening and protecting*

The power of plant-based pigments produces a colour that adapts to the natural tone and pH level of your lips. For a more intense shade, simply layer up the colour.