Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL
Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL
Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL
Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL
Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL
Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL


Tibetan Tiger Rug *01-XL

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Carpet in tiger shape

Oriental design rug mat that is active in various spaces
Tibetan tiger rug - XL.
Among the Tibetan rugs that are counted as one of the four largest rugs in the world, the rug mat made of wool on the front side and cotton material on the back side with the motif of the venerable Tibetan tiger rug that was made for high-ranking monks. am.
Can be used in various situations such as front doors and kitchen mats. By incorporating an impressive design into the interior, the room will be reborn as a stylish space with a rich expression.

dimension: 115cm x 190cm

Material: 80% wool, 20% cotton
Production: India

Colors may look slightly different on the screen than on the actual product. note that.
As each item is manufactured by hand, there may be some errors in the size and individual differences in the face and pattern. Also, please note that there may be some distortion due to hand weaving.

For daily care, use a vacuum cleaner or a commercially available carpet cleaner.

As it discolors, it cannot be dry-cleaned or washed with water. If it gets dirty, soak a cloth in a neutral detergent diluted with water, squeeze it tightly, and tap it to remove it. However, before using it, please try it on a part that does not fade or is inconspicuous.