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through REPAIR, RESHAPE and REDESIGN of preloved garments and jewellery for our clients,
we hope the modern day consumer can take better care of their clothing.
CHOOSE WELL, BUY SMART, and close the loop of the consumption cycle.
kapok partners with Fashion Clinic to offer this series of services,
with Kay in the fashion department, and Savia in the jewellery department.

kapok archive
5 st. francis yard, wan chai
+852 2631 1811⁠

fill in the form below for in-store consultation
every sunday
2pm - 6pm

1. get a quote

you can get an idea of pricing from below, and let us know what you need by requesting a quote from our team, filling in the form below. if redesign service is needed, we will make an appointment with you at kapok archive.

2. bring in your items

leave your items and request at
kapok archive
address: 5 st. francis yard, wan chai
tel: +852 2631 1811⁠

3. delivery

expect around two weeks lead time for us to complete your request. it differs from case to case though, so we will confirm with you upon receipt of your garment or jewellery. then you may pick up the items at kapok archive.

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get your quote
repair, reshape and redesign your preloved clothing/ jewellery


your beloved garment/ jewellery is broken? let our clothes and jewellery doctors help you.

visible mending services

we will mend your beloved garment by combining the darning stitch, traditional japanese sashiko and boro patchwork techniques.

HK$ 360+

coat, jacket relining

we offer a full re-lining service, this involves cutting out the old lining from your garment; finding a new matching lining material; drawing out, cutting and stitching the new lining replacement.

HK$ 850+

pocket and zip replacements

partial or full pocket replacements are both possible: partial replacements normally for small holes in the bottom; full replacements for strengthen it as a whole. broken zippers can be fully replaced.

HK$ 180+

fixing loose hems and elastics

loose hems and elastics can be a pain, especially when we love the garment so much. we are here to re-hem your garment, take out and replace loose old elastics for you.


collars renewing

collar turning is unpicking of the shirt collar, turning it over, re-stitching it, hiding the worn part neatly inside and the surface looking as-good-as-new. this service is mainly for casual shirts and not the ones with interlining.

HK$ 260+

ring resizing (without gemstone)

enlarge 1 - 1 ½ Size
HK$ 150

reduce size
HK$ 400

ear nut replacement (1 pc)

 925 Sterling Silver/ 14K Yellow Gold/14K White Gold Rhodium-Plated, made in U.S.A

bullet clutch HK$ 40/ 180/ 200

friction ear nut HK$20/ 150/ 220 

ear post replacement (1 pc)

925 Sterling Silver/
14K Yellow Gold/
14K White Gold Rhodium-Plated
made in U.S.A

HK$ 100/ 200/ 200

jewellery findings repair

findings (jewellery-making components that aren't beads, gemstones or stringing materials) are the bits and bobs that help you piece your jewellery together. examples of findings repair includes bails, clasps, jump rings, connectors or head and eye pins.

HK$ 100 - 200

gemstone setting repair (broken claw)

our jewellery doctor will repair the prongs and re-tip the claws that hold the gemstone.

HKD 200+

gemstone setting repair

our gemstone setting service puts the stone back to where it belongs. if you've completely lost the gemstone, we can also help sourcing for a new one.

HKD 350+

jewelry finishing

rhodium plating (white/ yellow/ rose gold/ black)
HK$ 350 - 500

sterling silver oxidation
HK$ 200 - 350


we offer a variety of alterations and reshaping services on your preloved garments.

taking garment in/ out

this is the most popular service, reducing or increasing the size of your garment, with larger increases than the seam allowance will allow, we will find a matching fabric for the extra strip.

HK$ 280+/ 380+

shortening of sleeves

this service is typically for shirts and jackets, but can be done on other items too. the complexity and price increases if you also need to narrow down the sleeves.


shortening of jackets and coats

this involves multiple layers and intricate tailoring, we aim at an identical finish to your original garment.

HK$ 380+

shortening of dresses/ skirts/ tops

we will adjust the length of your dress, skirt, top of pants from the hem.

HK$ 180+

taking shoulders in

a lot of clients also need to reduce the size of the armhole when they take in the shoulders, this will involve more time, hence an increase in price.

HK$ 350+

lengthening skirt/ dress

we normally do the lengthening from the hem, but it is also possible to do so from the waist.

HK$ 280+


there is always this special garment/ jewellery that sits in the drawer that we don't wear anymore, let our doctors make them alive again with your request.

garment redesign

this is a transformation game, the most magical of our services. we can turn an clothes into clothes, clothes into handkerchiefs, bags, quilts, you name it.
do make an appointment, for a measurement and a chat with us.

HK$ 2500+

jewellery redesign

instead of leaving old jewelries or a family heirloom inside a “junk” jewelry box, you may consider an extreme makeover to recreate them into gorgeous new pieces thatyou would actually wear.

you can take an element of the old piece and freshen it up in a new piece, modernize an old setting or create a new one or you can also mix elements of different pieces and come up with a whole new design, etc.

HK$ 5000+