Face Cleanser 95ml
Face Cleanser 95ml
Face Cleanser 95ml
Face Cleanser 95ml


Face Cleanser 95ml

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Face Cleanser

This organic, soap-free foaming face cleanser gently purifies the skin without removing its natural protective oils. This daily essential contains Neroli Hydrosol and Essential Oil to rejuvenate the skin, and Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract to provide intense hydration. Highly concentrated Aloe Extract soothes the skin, while probiotics support the skin microbiome. The mild, effective formula respects the skin’s natural pH level 5.5. 

Neroli Hydrosol  - 78.55%

Lactobacillus  - 6.55%

Selaginella Extract. - 5.88%

Coco Glucoside. - 3.5%

Xanthan Gum. - 2.5%

Aspen Bark Extract. - 2%

Aloe Vera Extract   - 1%

Neroli Essential Oil   - 0.02%

Total. - 100%