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kapok landed at Tmall to launch oversea flagship store

Frenchman arnault castel founded kapok select store in 2006 in Hong Kong. With a goal to discover and bring to asia the “future classics”, kapok has grown from a lifestyle shop to an internationally renowned brand for its authentic yet approachable take on fashion and design. This year, kapok expanded to Tmall and open kapok  oversea flagship store, presenting more nice products to the growing customer base.    

kapok took its name from the majestic emergent tree. In 15 years, kapok has now expanded onto five stores, each presents a different theme and product selection. As part of kapok project, the retailer also manage and operate mono-brands’ retail businesses, including O.N.S, a new york menswear brand with urban creative spirit, and maison kitsuné, an ever-youthful long time partner from paris, france, and vitra, a swiss-based company known for their innovative and functional furniture.

kapok oversea flagship store is now launched to introduce unique products to customers at Tmall. Please visit our tmall store to discover more surprising products.

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法国⼈arnault castel于2006年在香港创⽴kapok选物店,以朴实的风格搜罗时装和设计产品,希望将「未来经典」带到亚洲,渐渐从⼀家⾵尚⼩店發展成国际知名零售商,今年kapok更登陆天猫商城,开幕kapok海外旗舰店,推介更多精选产品。

kapok的名字源⾃雄伟的⽊棉树,在自然生态中长得既高且壮,分枝随岁月茁壮成长,而kapok创立⼗五年,已扩展到五间分店,每⼀间代表着不同主题的产品选择。除了kapok 选物店,kapok 更为个别品牌管理及经营其本地零售业务和發展,其中包括⼤都会创意精神的纽约男装品牌O.N.S ,经已合作多年的法国年轻时尚品牌 Maison Kitsuné,以及创新与实用性兼备的瑞士殿堂级家具品牌 Vitra。



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